by Siblings

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adam funari Best punkband in Hawaii Favorite track: Massive Aggressive.
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released June 15, 2012



all rights reserved


Siblings Honolulu, Hawaii

Hardcore punk from a real city full of freaks masquerading as paradise.

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Track Name: Job Creator
Vote for me, Vote for me
Pray for me, Pray for Me
buy from me, buy from me
But it's not enough

Die for me, Die for me
Cry for me, cry for me
live for me and my reality
that i built up

you think that you have control
cause you own the media and police
if you think you own me
then the jokes on you

we are coming to tear down
the walls you built up
we are waking up
from the dream you sold us

burn wall street to the ground
Track Name: Green Light
Sounds like rocks shaking in a can.
Little black clouds ripping up my nerves.
I don't want to be a part of this hive
but I've never wanted to jump so bad.

When the red light clicks it's time to put
this earthquake solid underneath my feet.
We're all hooked up to the static line but
we're going way too fast and way too low.

What'll they say about what I've done
and what'll I say about who I am?
What would I be doing tonight
if I hadn't lied about my age

I don't want to die tonight.

I'm so far from home.
Track Name: A Bad Case of the Mondays
You lived your life
Detached and alone
Excited by nothing
Rotting at home
You Say That you Care
But you Don't Give a Shit
The world will be better
if you ceased to exist

Track Name: Massive Aggressive
I don't burn bridges, I just don't fucking build them.

If only you'd fucking knew, don't bother trying to justify
You tell me i have my problems
you tell me i have my issues
so try me
so try me
so just fucking try

you try to hide yourself, like some fucking iceberg
but i could read you like a fucking book
who are you trying to fool
so try me
so try me
so just fucking try

I want to thank you for teaching me to never trust an asshole,
no matter how many ideals we mutually share
thanks for the lesson
i'm still gonna watch you fucking burn

i don't burn bridges, i just don't fucking build them
Another bridge built is another bridge burned,
What's the fucking point if I've nothing left to learn.